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Cookies, Cakes, Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Rice Krispies, the list could go on!! Here at Morgan Hunter Desserts, it is our joy to make your dream dessert tables come to life!

First, let's step back for a second, we should totally introduce ourselves!!

My husband Gene and I have always had entrepreneurial spirits. We love the challenges that come with building businesses. Over our nine years together, we have tried our hand at many different ventures, but they were all pretty temporary. About 10 months ago, our son Major was born, and it is amazing how having him shifts our hearts. We ultimately decided that we wanted to build a company that will endure.

Enter Morgan Hunter Desserts.

Baking has always been a side hobby, small business on and off over the years. It's always brought me joy to be able to bring a smile to someone through cookies, or a cake. With all that Gene and I have learned over the various business ventures, it felt right to launch Morgan Hunter Desserts. We started to ramp up productions in 2018, and officially launched in the Orlando area in August 2018. A few last words, I could not do it without Gene. We love working together. The challenges make us a better couple, and we long to see the best for each other. Gene is my right-hand man, my encourager, expert packager, and now he is even my baker! As for myself, I love meeting with clients, hearing their vision, and then creating an incredibly beautiful, tasty & memorable part of your event. Gene taking over the baking allows me to focus on the finer details and truly put my vision into action. While I'm decorating delicate cookies, or designing ideas (hopefully with some glitter), you'll probably find me listening to ESPN Sports Center on in the background. Thank you for getting to know us a little bit better, and we look forward to working with you soon! <3

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